Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Barbie the Bottle Baby and Jenna's Future

Jenna Claire is in 7th heaven. We had a set of twins with one of our cows (or so we think as Momma was nowhere to be found) and now she has a bottle baby. The calf is ITTY BITTY. If I could get pictures to upload onto this with my slow dial up internet, I would show you just how little she is. Of course she has already had to endure her first photo session. For those who are around Jenna quite a bit, here's a comparison, the calf comes to about Jenna's waist! Little bitty!!!

Jenna came in last night from feeding Barbie (what other name would a 5 yo girl come up with?) and she was in tears. She was so upset I was concerned that something was wrong with the calf. But the drama and stress of the moment was the fact that her brothers couldn't find a curry comb so poor Barbie could get her first grooming! (thinking that Barbie was probably secretly thrilled!) Jenna is on a time schedule with her 'farm work'. The preschool she attends has a farm tour every spring and this year we are the destination. The teacher, Becky Coulter, announced the tour to the kids yesterday and told them that we were hosting, etc. Well I am not sure that Jenna stopped talking all the way home about it, barely catching her breath in between plans. I'll give you the short list. First and foremost, Barbie may need a bath, or at the very least she could be curried off (my suggestion, so yes my fault later when the comb couldn't be found!) Let's see we need to talk to Susie (Everhart, our neighbor) to see if she has any bottle lambs. Jenna has too good of a memory or maybe Becky mentioned that when the tour was here when Sam was in preschool that we had 'borrowed' bottle babies from Susie. We also need to talk to Patty (McBride another neighbor and one of Jenna's main social contacts, as she is her Sunday School teacher) about baby goats. They raise goats. We definitely need to talk to Rosel (Schmidt, yes another neighbor) about rabbits and anything else that she might be able to bring. Apparently this isn't a farm tour, it will be a petting Zoo!!! She is so funny. Of course she glossed right over the fact that the tour isn't for a few weeks, she thinks all needs to be ready NOW! I suggested that she talk to her father or grandfather or maybe even Uncle Jason as they were the ones going to have to care for this increased 'herd' of animals she was trying to acquire. Plus I figured that they ought to get to hear the run down of her plans. Oh and when she talks to grandpa, they will discuss horses and her trips with him to the Amish, thinking she thinks that a horse would be another great addition, ha!
Jenna has been making other plans for farther out than the two weeks till the farm tour lately. Last month we had Animal Planet as a free preview channel on Dish Network. That little girl could watch that channel 24/7 if given the opportunity. She would ask me turn to it on, and it didn't matter what was on she was glued to it. Absolutely absorbing all that she could glean from the shows. She decided last month that she was going to be an Animal Doctor. At first that didn't mean veterinarian, but when we explained that was the official name for an animal dr, and it sounded like a 'mouth full' to her, she decided to be a Vet.
Her plans or interests are always reflected in the pretend play that she and Seth engage in. Last summer and most of the fall, they 'showed' cattle, and horses and giraffes. Whatever stuffed animals that they could commandeer and tie up to chair legs or where ever else with Jenna's belts, necklaces, etc....... She got pretty interested in Marshall's arrival and played baby nursery at the hospital for most of January and February. I was busy with several catering jobs and they started playing with the dishes........ Well the current pretend play is Animal Hospital. Every stuffed animal that they can find a blanket for is wrapped up and laid here and there which are supposed to be there hospital rooms, I think. When they run out of baby blankets, I have seen animals wrapped in my kitchen towels (they can't reach the bathroom ones) their big brothers' undershirts and arm covers from David's recliner and last night there was a dog handed to me to 'care' for wrapped in a paper towel, I don't know maybe he wasn't house broken and they wanted me to be prepared. :)
It never ceases to amaze me to be witness to the imagination of my kids. I know all parents feel that way. The magic of childhood too quickly is gone and I keep reminding myself of that as I refold the towels and rewind up the paper towels. I really try to enjoy the here and now but can't help but picture those scenes in MY future, maybe a Vet School Graduation or maybe just hearing the stories of the games MY grandchildren will play and the awe it inspires in their mother.

Well that's deep enough for 9 in the morning, take care, see you tomorrow,


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