Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Seffy was fishin' and not eatin' Supper"

Sethy was quite the big boy fisherman as well!

"He is 'catchin' a fish and he was standin' wight there and cranked it in and cooked a fish in the fire (I am typing as fast I can listening to what he's saying about this picture) OKay, it was me he says, he goin to get a fish and he got weaves and not got a fish. Seffy, and I catchin a fish and not eatin supper. "

Okay thats painful to try to keep up with. The translated version is that Seth had so much fun 'fishing' that he didn't want to eat, I think he ate his hotdog right before we left. We had a ball today. After we were done with the 4H group, our family went to my Grandma's and picked up her sticks, then hung out at Grandma Linda's for awhile and obviously now we are home! Ought to be outside picking up OUR sticks. But we're tired now!!!
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