Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome to Tulip from the Hasekamp Half Dozen!

Well here I go again, trying yet another new 'thing' on the internet. I happened to receive two invitations today to visit the blogs of two of my cousins (well technically wives of Davids' cousins) and when I figure out more about this I will add the links to their blogs on this blog and the circle continues.

With our slow internet in the country I am always looking for ways to communicate and share with our friends from all over EASILY and I am hoping this is the way. Bare with me as I learn how to use this blog!

A quick update before I conclude this first entry~~~Cool and rainy here today, March 31st. Strong winds this afternoon blew over our old steel silo that WAS attached to the 'big barn' (for those who know Hasekamp slang) also took out the power to the big barn, so David, Bob and Jason spent the afternoon, running electric back to the electric fence, the water fountain and the bulk bins. I am sure that they had nothing else that they could have been doing! HA! Marshall is growing like a weed, he was 3 weeks old Saturday and Beth, bless her heart, is looking more rested and back to herself more everyday as well. Brittany told me today that baby Angle #2 is expected to arrive mid Nov, again November kicks April's 'butt' on the Angle side of the family as that will be the 9th Angle baby to arrive in that month, and 9 out of the last 10 on our side, I think our family really needs to consider candy and roses for Valentines Day in the future, LOL.

Cody is getting ready to compete with his gifted class in the Destination Imagination Regional Competition in Joplin MO this weekend. Jenna has a new bottle calf, Barbie. Seth and Sam are ornery as ever.

Okay that's all that's new at Tulip~


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