Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tired of Chaos! Learning to Fly........

Am I the only person I know that has a case of CHAOS once in a while? Do you know what CHAOS is? (no smarties, it isn't having 4 kids, although they contribute to it!) CHAOS is 'can't have anyone over syndrome' Why? because the house is a pit! In my frustration and attempt to consistently keep order (not CHAOS) in my home, I 'googled' something like house cleaning or home organization or who knows what now, it was about 3 years ago. And I met a little purple gal with fairy wings and a feather duster who told me it was okay! Just jump in where ever I was. She suggested that I start out slow, adding habits and routines slowly, she was just like me and knew that if I tried to do it all at once I'd burn out and have to start all over.
Marla Cilley, the FlyLady, should be in line for 'sainthood' for all that she lovingly does for her DROVES of followers. She has a wonderful website chock full of wonderful tips and solutions for ALL of your cleaning, organizing and decluttering issues. Whether you are BO (born organized) or a SHE (side-tracked home executive) she can help you FLY (finally love yourself)
Now I am not saying that two days after joining that everything will be perfect at all times. I am saying that 2-3 years later, 90% time I wouldn't freak out if someone came into the house to visit and it was probably the opposite before the flylady. I have a few routines that I regularly do, all inspired by her suggestions, they are:
Morning Routines (mine includes making beds, swish and swipe in the bathroom, a load of dishes, a load of laundry, all that besides getting myself and the kiddos ready to 'face the day')
I follow her Zones for cleaning (5 different zones which cover the month and if followed you'll make great improvements EACH month)
I do Kelly's missions (which is a quick extra job in the zone of the week, that is different each day)
I do the Weekly Home Blessing (which is more or less a quick 'once over' through the house)
I plan out our week for events/activities along will menus on Sunday evenings, not sure where the flylady mentions that, but I have found that helps me work faster and lets everyone KNOW whats going on.
My house still isn't perfect, but it's much better which in turn makes me feel much better, my kids will say I am a nicer person because of the FlyLady.
If you think you could use a little help, go and check her out at:

Oh something else that I thought of, she sends out great daily emails with reminders of what you might try and get done for the day, testimonials of other 'flybabies' who are inspired to write her and tell her just how she's improved their lives, these are a GREAT inspiration.
Better go and finish my morning routine, Sam, Jenna, Seth and I are headed to help the 4H with our community service project, which is cleaning up the yards of several couples in the 'neighborhood' then we're going to a weiner roast at the last house! Don't know anything about Cody's team yet, they will compete in about 20 minutes, so maybe he'll call me and give me the details, more likely, Shelley will! :)
Have a great weekend~

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