Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Woo Hoo figured out pictures!!!

I finally figured out pictures!!! So that's why there isn't any captions with the picture of my family posted a few minutes ago!!! Now that I have figured it LOOK OUT!!! Sharing pictures on this blog was one of my main reasons for starting it! I am so excited!!!!
Okay the picture to most seeing it is fairly self-explanatory............... at least for my side of the family. That is my momma and daddy and their family. Besides me, DH and the kiddos, also pictured is my 'little' brother and Brit and Riddick. That picture was taken last fall on mom and dad's 40th anniversary. We had a supper with the family at their house.
Okay must close, as I have more pictures to 'share'
Thanks for endulging me~

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