Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Congratulations, Madam Mayor

My very good friend Shelley Becker is now the new Mayor of our town. (Centralia) Alot of you who think you don't know her, I bet you do. Do you listen to KCMQ, Clear 99 or the Eagle, radio stations out of Columbia MO? She is the news director and on the radio goes by Shelley Tucker. Tucker is a combination of her maiden and married names Tuggle + Becker. She and I have been friends for around 16 years. She, and her husband Mike, and I met when I worked at Blattner Furniture. We would stroll through the store looking at the 'stuff' and discussing our lives. We both thought that we had 'big news' for each other in January of 1994, and we did and we still do. Our children Cody and Madison are 11 days apart in age. So we were 'pregnant' together, so as women know, that 'bonds you for life' ;) (to my other pregnant buddies, the "Kimberly's", Swann with Jenna and Hasekamp with Seth, and Sally Haskell with Sam)
When I became a Creative Memories consultant, we started scrapbooking together and I think that was around 6 years ago, and we still do! Shelley isn't a fair weather friend, we talk or email probably, every other day, alot of times more than that.
So it just seemed natural when she started talking last year about running for Mayor that I would go along on the ride with her. Nope can't vote for her where I live, but I did everything else. Emailed people asking for their support, cooked food for her campaign 'teas' and last night was the 'finale' for the campaign, we had the 'election watch party' as she called it, we all said VICTORY PARTY and it was! Again I spent a little time in my kitchen to help the cause. We feasted on lil' smokies, veggie pizza, apples and toffee dip, fruit salsa and cinnamon chips, glazed pecans, and what else??????? I cooked it and I don't remember.
The thing is, she is my friend, and I would do anything for her as I know she would for me. She thinks that I did her the favor, I know it was the other way around, 'helping her' has advertised my fledgling catering business and gave me the exposure that has really got the ball rolling. I look forward now to the CHS graduation in May, where I will be catering the Gibler party and several other great contacts made through Shelley's influence and connections.
Shelley keeps telling me that she LOVES blogs and I am going to challenge her right here, right now................ Shelley where is your blog??????????? Wouldn't you all love to read her blogs? She has the greatest stories, from growing up with two older brothers who lovingly shared FROGS with her, to 'radio people' stories, to being the mayor, to her interest in geneology and SO MUCH MORE! Shelley, madam mayor, where's your blog???????????
Again CONGRATULATIONS Shelley, had a great time last night, thanks Troy and everyone who came to 'watch the results' ( I am now they play Hail to the Chief for Mayors, or is that just a Presidential thing??? hee hee)

:) KH

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