Saturday, April 12, 2008

So where's the SNOW???????

The weather man told Jenna last night or sometime that there was supposed to be snow this morning and she is mad. Her father and I haven't mentioned to her that we are thrilled that at least so far the weatherman was wrong. I knew we were in trouble last night when she was looking for her gloves, hat etc.....
Hasn't this been a crazy spring. As a farmer's wife, I am not allowed to say Rain rain go away, unless I add come back again in July and August :) But man, has it ever been wet. We have alot of maple trees in our front yard and all this 'great' wind has kept us busy trying to keep the sticks picked up. We keep thinking that mowing grass will start soon. Our 'sticks' normally get added to a ditch that runs (I say runs as it is currently FULL of water) into our pasture, but you can't get to it right now as the whole area is too 'soupy' so our sticks keep piling up..........
I feel like Jenna with her 'schedule' as far as everything outside goes. I signed us up to do a diary for the magazine Farm and Ranch Living later this summer. And I am not thinking that they want to take pictures of flowerbeds full of weeds, so I am 'inspired' to get started but it seems Mother Nature has other plans.
I will be able to send the magazine to fifty people, but if you already subscribe, let me know, I will spread my 50 out farther........... If you're interested in subscribing, go to This is the same company that does, Taste of Home, Country, Birds and Blooms, and several more. They are those great ones full of stories and not gobs of ads! Love those magazines.
The little 'snowbird' is chirping about some breakfast for herself and her brothers and it's almost 9:30 so I am guessing they probably ARE hungry................ have a great weekend, don't get stuck in the snow, (or mud)
From Tulip~

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