Friday, December 4, 2015

Memories of my childhood.

My grandpa Barnes had a sister. Bufa Mae or Mae Mae to us kids. We always went to her house for many holidays. She was an example of homemaker. She cooked and sewed. She quilted and baked. Made all sorts of crafts. She was a farmers wife. I should hope to be what she was. 
She had the most awesome sewing room. I remember being amazed by all the drawers and cabinets. They were filled with fabrics and trims along with every notion I had ever heard of. 
The most important cabinet was in the bottom where there were some assorted toys. Not sure that they were any more exciting than any other toys, but they were ones that we didn't get to play with often. So that made them more fun, or at least so we thought. 
The replica ornament at the bottom was the main toy in here cabinet, along with all the animal accessories allowed us town kids to farmers for awhile. 
So thankful for memories of Mae Maes house. Their cuckoo clock, farm toys, all the interesting mind toys that my cousin had and lastly the pretty ceramic church that sat in her bay window. It was a music box. Played (and still does) Amazing Grace. I was lucky enough to buy it at their estate sale. Now it graces my home. Currently it's sitting with the Christmas village. 
Thankful to share momentos with my kids from my childhood, 
From Tulip~

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