Thursday, December 3, 2015

How Sweet it is!

The ornament pictured is a cheap ol Dollar General purchase. Not old. Or unique. But when I look at it, it brings back the sweetest memories. 
I am thankful to have the sweetest memories of Christmases away from my own home and at my Grandmas home. We lived in the same hometown with one set of Grandparents growing up and my memories of that set are many and of everyday things (I have some plans for a future series about them). I think the reason I seem to keep going back to my Angle side of the family in these Christmas posts is that at the holidays was the one time of year we always saw them. We always went to Granite City, my dads hometown. Growing up in a small town with only one railroad going through it, GC,IL was a whole other world. One I loved as a child and miss as an adult. 
I loved that you could smell the steel mill. I loved that there were stores that I had never heard of. I mostly loved that there were my grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins that I rarely got to see. 
My Grandma was an awesome cook. Although I couldn't tell you one specific dish she made. They were all good. The food that was most memorable, was the box of ribbon candy that always could be found at her house at Christmas time. Store bought. Not the Amish candy I was accustomed to at home and always wondered why my city family thought some ol peanut brittle was so wonderful? I know now that specialness sometimes is just something out of the ordinary. 
Life is a little sweeter when you have the opportunity to experience a diverse variety of things. For me, I am thankful to have grown up in a small town, but also getting to experience life in a city even if it was only once in a while. 
Seeking sweetness at Christmas and thankful for it,
From Tulip~

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