Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas is Special

Obviously that's no earth shattering news. As Christians we realize the historical and spiritual significance of Christmas. But it's a special time of remembering those who mean the most to you. People show their love and affection in a multitude of ways throughout the year, but especially during the holidays. 
In the neighborhood I live in, there are a few things that just seem to ring in the holidays. Neighbor gifts of sweets are popular at Tulip. Sweet breakfast rolls, homemade pecan toffee, and my MIL's pies are some of the community favorites. 
As a kid growing up, one of the things I looked forward to was the personalized Christmas ornaments from my Aunt Ethel. I think the first one was a snow man in 1980. Then each year after for about 30 yrs we could expect some sort of sweet, cute awesomeness. We knew she looked most of the year at different ceramic and craft shops. Generally the choice was made in early fall and the order placed. All of the nieces, nephews, friends kids and more received these. 
We didn't need an ornament to know how special we were to her. She showed us everyday. Now that she is gone, I am thankful to have a box full of reminders of the time we were blessed to have her on this Earth. With each ornament placed on the tree, the memories come flooding back. She will never be forgotten by me or many others. 
Merry Christmas in Heaven Aunt E,
From Tulip~

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