Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmases Past

Some of my favorite childhood memories are visiting my dads family. We were the part of the family who lived away from the rest. About two hours away. 
My memories of Christmas at my Grandma Angles are filled to the brim with family. Cousins, lots of cousins. My first cousins and my dads. 
I remember ribbon candy. Receiving special dated ornaments. Lots of games played at the kitchen table. 
Did we exchange gifts? Of course. But the love of family is what I remember the most. I am the only granddaughter out of nine grandkids on that side of the family. So that being said, the games were SPORTS. I had to be able to hit a baseball and hold my own with the boys. 
I remember the ride to Grandmas. Counting certain colored cars on the interstate. There was the year that the roads were very bad and it took twice as long as usual. 
The meal at Aunt Olivia's. Aunt Ethel's bubble lights. Aunt Ginny forget how many cards she bought in the game and after counting realizing she bought too many. Uncle Hank loudly rooting for his team in the game. Dad meeting us in his semi at the edge of town and then dropping him off so he would drive his next load to who knows where. Visiting tons of great aunts and uncles. Them visiting my grandparents when we were there. 
Ornament at the bottom was first my Grandmas, then my aunts, now mine. May it become part of my own kids Christmas memories. 
Enjoying the fact that my Christmas tree is my seasonal trip down memory lane,
From Tulip~

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