Sunday, November 2, 2014

You can't keep a good man down

So yesterday as I wrote the post about Jenna, I was already thinking about that in the world of us, Nov 1 and Nov 2 are a busy pair of days, because guess what, as we celebrated Jenna's birthday yesterday, we celebrate Seth's today. Today marks one decade of our lives with this brilliant, full of life love and humorous little soul. As I wrote Jenna's post, I purposely used 12 pictures, I was keying on the age she was, sort of a top 12, I don't know. Well in my search to find pictures that gave you the story of Seth, I found that following my theme of as many pics as the child was old, wasn't going to work.  There have been so many things about Seth that truly break the mold and make him unique. Follow me on this attempted journey to describe all that he is to us.

Probably 16 months old, rockin' the diaper and wrestling head gear. That would be our little boy, running to catch those big kids, try everything that they have, do it all, live in every single moment. 

First Christmas. After 3 others, I thought I knew what a Hasekamp baby looked like, till this was born. I found out I had it in me to make an Angle baby, cowlick and all. The others had a head full of hair, this one not so much and what was there was dark and had wave to it! Wow! 

Determination, when this guy sets his mind to do it, its done. He was pretty serious about catching a fish in this pond and a little unimpressed by me distracting him with pictures. My camera died, and he caught a fish. Always teaching us, that days' lesson was patience. He learned it, me well probably not.

After two night owls, do you have any idea how pleasant this face is to see in the morning. Cody pops right up, Sam and Jenna, not so much. One of my many privileges of having four children in my life, this littlest one is pure joy from the moment his eyes open. 

Besides the pure joy mentioned above, he's also pure boy. I think that means he is at least 85-90% dirt. No he doesn't go outside and roll in it, but it sure seems to find him. That was his first day as an only child, older three had went to school, that guy lived it up big and played and did exactly what he wanted to do all day long. Apparently what he wanted to do was get dirty! 

At about this age, he vowed, pledged and promised me that he would stay little. I remember when he said those words, the lump in my throat almost choked me. There are so many things that I have savored with this last one, his innocence and child like love of life is one of them. Sadly, he's not been able to keep that promise to stay little. But I am still promising to him not wish away one moment of my time with him. I really think you savor those last ones so much more. 

This guy never got to be the big boy in the equation, until the cousins started coming along. There is nothing sweeter than watching him 'teach' Marshall things. Granted before things are said and done I may not feel that way and his Aunt Beth may wish he would quit teaching him so much, but for now, we love seeing this side of his personality.

How many kids can you stack on the 4 wheeler? That day it was 5. No worries, it idled around the yard. Always the giver, Seth gave up his preferred seat to this younger cousins and sister and sat all the way to the back. 

When we got married, we were pretty young. Married a couple of years before we ever even discussed kids. When we finally decided, it turns out it wasn't quite as easy as we figured. Eventually we  had Cody, then Sam finally. We discussed was our family the size that we wanted. At the time we thought maybe. Well while we were thinking, Jenna snuck onto the scene and then BAM! Seth too, all the obstacles of the earlier pregnancies were overcame. When I look at our children, I think I am so glad that God knew we needed a big family. 

He is the face that lights up a room, I can never look at him without seeing sunshine. Makes it hard to be tough when that is needed. I am sure that he will endure his older siblings comments on he never had it as 'hard' as they did. I will be first to admit that I am not the same mom to him that I am to the others. But he's not the same kid that they were either. No better. No worse. Just different. Viva la difference.

This is a GREAT example of who Seth is. His humor fills our lives. Besides the constant smile on his face, its seems to be his life work to make sure you are smiling and has a natural ability to entertain, probably a youngest kid thing too. He's happiest laughing and I am so glad that is who he is. 

Figuring out your place in the world is tough enough. Try having older brothers and a sister who do a wide variety of activities. Seth has pretty well tried it all. Its still up in the air what he will settle on as his thing. But again his loving personality will show through. Not even sure he cared that he won in this picture, he just knew his momma would want the picture and there he was coming off the mat to pose. He knows me well. 

I tease my older kids, and say that if I  had known what a great helper the 4th kid would be, I would have started with him first and hope that he influenced the others. Part of his pleaser personality is this gift of knowing what needs to be done and just doing it. I love that about him. I sometimes think he makes me walk a little more straight and narrow. That's okay, they've all four taught me so many things. 

Interesting the difference ten years makes. You have the 16 yr old who would prefer his picture not be taken. The 6 yr old was making a face. I know the difference is amazing on so many levels.  

This is who Seth is. Busy. Full of life. Always has time for it all.
As I thought about how to describe Seth and explain how blessed we are by him, I found it a daunting task. He is an amazing young man. He won't be contained in any way. He will be. We will all just have to sit back and watch and feel blessed we were invited along for the ride.

Thanking God for unanswered prayers like Seth William Hasekamp,
From Tulip~

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