Monday, November 3, 2014

Thankfulness, Day 3 Hometown Healing

It's been a busy morning, full of everyone else's errands. As I went through the motions of checking things off my list, in the back of my mind I was rolling over, which thing will I be thankful for today. Before I could get in here and start writing, my inspiration was handed to me in a text from my oldest son. 'Mom, you better check facebook, there's a post about Dr. Bradley.' Well, I was outside helping The Farmer switch to the last field of soybeans, (YAY!) so I called my son. I think I already knew before I heard the words, 'Dr. Bradley died, mom.'
In our small town we have been blessed with medical care from the definition of old school family doctor. Dr. William Bradley has served the community for over 40 years. He's the only doctor I remember. He's healed our sickness, sewed up our wounds and been a shoulder to cry when there was nothing else that could be done.
As a community we will have to cry on each other's shoulders as our sweet Doc has left this world today. He's now with the Great Healer. His own personal pain is gone. We are left to heal our broken hearts. As a friend said, "How do you replace a doctor who can look at you and know what's wrong?"
We who loved Doc know what she meant. Who else says to a mom of 4 kids, who has two of them in office, if anyone else gets this, call us and we will call in more meds, and I am home this weekend, call the house if you need to.
Dr. Bradley you have been an icon to our community for so long, I can't imagine how we will do without you. When you closed the doors merely days ago, we said he must be really sick, as most of us figured you would be there till last moment, and you darn near were. You are irreplaceable, they definitely broke the mold when they made you. Rest in Peace, Sweet Friend, Rest in Peace.

Sitting here sort of in shock at this point,
From Tulip~

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