Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Harvest Abundance

In the last year, things have changed in our household, I work what I like to refer to as a 'town job.' By this, I mean that several days a week after dropping the kids at school, I drive on to that job, instead of turning around and heading back home to help David. This time of year, when he is working long hours as well, we don't see much of each other. I certainly don't have my finger on the pulse of the farm, not that I ever have had that, at least not to the extent that The Farmer does.
Some of the things I miss the most are happening right now at our farm. The trees that encircle many of our fields are turning brilliant shades of gold, orange and red. They make for a beautiful backdrop for pictures. I miss taking pictures of the combine, the grain pouring out of it, into the trucks, then augers to the grain bin. I think watching the movement of the grain is so calming. No, I really don't ever mind being asked to dump trucks.
The feedlot is another great source of entertainment at this time of year. The calves are over missing their mommas by now and are starting to establish their pecking order among them. Watching the silly playfulness is quite entertaining.
This has been an amazing growing season. Rains came about when they needed to, with correct amounts. Temperatures weren't so extreme to impede proper planting time, burn crops in the heat of summer or make for an early fall. We really couldn't have ordered a much more perfect year, weather-wise.
With all the right conditions, the crops grew. Boy, oh boy did they grow! As we baled record amounts of hay this summer and chopped sileage, it became all the more obvious, harvest, this year would be a 'fun time' It's always great listening to my Farmer and neighbor visiting from truck to truck as they meet on the road while doing morning chores. They report what the day before's yields are, talk about the line at the elevator, of course wonder if it will rain and they will get a day off; and so on. If  I am lucky enough to catch a day off and get to help on the farm, I am always a happier person at the end of the day!

While they are no artist examples of great photography, above are a few pictures I grabbed while helping The Farmer on Monday.

Loving this FUN TIME of year, with abundance harvest and remembering its a good problem as we play the game of where to market the grain,

From Tulip~

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Felicia said...

Happy farming����Prayers to safe harvesting season❤️