Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 6, My Farmer

I was warned not to write about him. So instead I will share pictures. (He didn't mention that) I am blessed and thankful this man is in my life. Here's some of the reasons why.
My Farmer is a pretty serious guy, but when he smiles its always genuine, nothing fake with him, ever!

Four kids changes the dynamics of a family, that guy takes it in stride.

Had to add one that shows the humor he brings to my world, sometimes I am laughing with him, sometimes I might just be giggling a little at him. ;) 
We might call JH the cattle whisperer, but she gets that skill naturally. The cows know what an important person he is in their lives. 

When we were dating, going country dancing was a big thing. almost 25 years, later it takes a younger woman to do a little shaming to get him out there. 

I think these skinny young people used to be us. 

So glad we got a dog 'for the kids' (another animal that knows how important he is, but this one plays him like a violin, she may be more spoiled than our two legged kids, and HE is the reason why.)

Always game for mischief, the board or 'stud' in the picture was part of a practical joke played on the neighbor girl. Totally his idea Brittney, here's the proof!

My hard working man. 
Downtime is rare, but is usually spent at a cattle show.
Since I am not supposed to write anything, there it is, I figure if pictures don't count, neither do the captions. My life is certainly blessed with him in it and for that I am thankful today. (even on a Thursday!) 
Proud of the title Mrs. David Hasekamp,
From Tulip~

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