Friday, August 1, 2008

Okay last Dam picture

Here's another shot, of the backside of the dam. The trees you see out in the water are normally on each side of the little stream that generally flows away from the dam. That's about it for my dam pictures. Sam was fascinated by it all and really likes to 'play' with our tech toys, took several pictures with our camera and a few with my cell phone. He took a little video clip as well, and if we had faster internet where I could get it to upload, I would share it with you all, but one of those 'perks' of country living and being too tight to pay for DSL is that we have slow dial-up internet.
I spent most of my time at the 'dam' taking pictures of flowers. They have some beautiful flower beds around the lookout area where we were. Hopefully I will get a chance to post some later. Today is a busy day. Headed to town for my one mommy indulgence, trip to the 'salon' and back to town later to pick up a couple of Sam's buddies for a sleepover. August starts our diary and our month as hosts at church, plus all the other madness that goes on here, so I better get to it. Have a great weekend and try to stay cool, (predicting 100 degree weather here!!)
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