Friday, August 1, 2008

Dam PIctures

Well nosiness got the best of us. After hearing about the water and watching the lake levels as recorded online, and just having to see it for ourselves. Last night we drove over to Clarence Canon Dam on Mark Twain Lake. I guess I didn't get the 'perfect shot' but it's not as if they wanted people getting any closer than we were, and with my less enthusiastic feelings about heights, that much water, bridges, etc......... well let's just say I was close enough.
Here's some info about what is going on there:
The lake is 30 feet above flood pool. This is because of all of the flooding along the Mississippi river and their efforts to hold back some of the water, well now we have a 'mess'
The 'normal' amount of water running through there is 12,000 cubic feet per second. (anyone interested 1 cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons, do the math!)
The current amount running through the dam is 58,000 cubic feet per second which we did the math and its over 433,000 GALLONS per second, OMG!
There are four flood gates, which last night they had open 7 feet high and each gate is 32 feet wide, so I guess it makes it easy for that much water to run through.... (433,000+ gallons!!!)
Pretty mind blowing. Those in our group braver than me, which would be all the rest (my husband, my kids, my in laws) walked along the pedestrian walkway over the dam. David was thrilled to tell me that it really shook alot when you were standing over the flood gates. Great, my head was spinning and I was feeling faint just walking maybe 40 out onto the bridge, no where near the 'vibration'
Anyway, it's something that hopefully we won't see every year (or ever again!), and looks like the lake workers have alot of things to contend with to get the lake back to normal. There was some sort of net catching the debris and keeping it from dam, which I am guessing will keep several people busy for quite some time getting rid of that mess.
There was water in places I have never seen water before over there. Truly a sight, any of you locals who are nosey like us, go check it out.
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