Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Farm and Ranch Living

Well it's a couple of days till our month of being diariasts begins. I have spoke with the photographer, James Fashing. James grew up in Sturgeon and is a 'farm kid' and now works for the MFA magazine, Today's Farmer. So who better to take pictures for our story. Someone we know and someone more than used to tromping around in the mud to get the 'picture'. We are really looking forward to doing this.
Reiman Publications is the parent company for several well known magazines, Country, Taste of Home, Country Woman, Birds and Blooms and many more. I love these magazines, they're full of wonderful articles and not full of ads. I feel like you get more magazine for your money. Here is their website:
Go and check out their magazines, I think that there is truly something for anyone to read about in one magazine or the other. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do.
Make sure to go to our cousins' blog and read about the flood water of Mark Twain Lake. We really have an 'abundance of water' and they are really starting to run into some problems there. She has a great article linked in her blog about the lake and all the water problems. (it's Kim, Scott and Jay Hasekamp, her blog is on my blog list, FYI)
We are playing 'catch up' around here this week, trying to get the house back in order and do all the things that need to happen before school starts around here, which is less than three weeks away. Shopping, last minute sleepovers, organizing, etc etc etc...... end of the summer stuff, seems like I just blogged about beginning of summer stuff. Times flies, when you're up to your eyeballs.
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Scott, Kim and Jay said...

Let us know when it will be published. I'd love to get one. I used to subscribe to Farm and Ranch, but let it run out.