Friday, August 1, 2008

More Dam Pictures

The back side of the dam was probably the most extreme thing that we looked at. There's normally this little 'stream' that flwoing away from the dam. Not the wild turbulent whirlpool that we saw last night. A still shot like this fails to show the churning of the water, but definitely gives you an idea of how wild it all was. The 'blue' U shaped thing on the far side of the water was a dike built up with stand to protect the electrical substation, we estimated that would possibly protect against another 35 feet of higher water, which David thought would only be necessary if the dam broke, which I suppose they were concerned about! YIKES! Can't see it in this picture, but along the road that goes down to the substation there was a ditch FULL of seep water, not a comforting feeling..........
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