Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank You Boyd Harris for buying Cody's Ham!

The serious ham seller, Cody, at the Audrain Fair Ham and Livestock Sale. Cody was thrilled to sell his Ham for $400 dollars!! THANK YOU BOYD!!!! This is such a great tool for the boys to save some money for the future. We buy the hams for around $25 a piece and the boys do the work which all of it doesn't add up to much more than about a half days' work. But as the mean parents that we are, we make them put ALL the money into their savings. Their savings accounts are full of Ham Sale and Show Steer checks, birthday money and the rare occurance that we manage to get some extra floated their way. We keep telling them to study hard and make good grades, hopefully some scholarships will also help pay for college.
From Tulip~
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