Friday, July 25, 2008

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!

Here's what Longbranch Creek looked like about 8:30 this evening. This is the view from south of the bridge. I wish my picture was more clear and really wish I had thought of taking the picture this afternoon. I think it has receded some. (looked like about 10 or 15 feet of road had been covered with water, comparing from this afternoon) You still can't pull into the driveway into our 'bottom' hay field/pasture. This afternoon when David and I drove down to look, we could see the water that is on the north side of the bridge, which makes me estimate it was around 1/2 mile wide on the north side and probably close to that on the south side/ our side. David dumped the rain gauge yesterday afternoon about 2pm with 2.17 inches in it and this morning with 6.65inches in it. (Yes Tony we are keeping our little rain log! :) I guess we should be thankful not to have gotten what our friends up in the Kirksville area received. But we have certainly gotten made up from last years' drought by now, haven't we?
From Tulip~
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