Friday, July 25, 2008

I wish this was our bottom ground

Here's a picture of the lower half of our hayfield across from Susie Everharts' farm. This is not our bottom, our bottom is totally covered in water at the moment. Our neighbors to the east, the Schmidts are 'home bound' Spoke with Matt their oldest (our adopted 5th child) and he said their driveway was waist deep when they quit walking, probably deeper he wasn't sure just how deep. Their lake is considerably larger too........ lots of water in SW Monroe County. We have a levee along part of our bottom that protects on field and DAvid estimated that the water was two feet higher than the levee, so those beans are probably not going to 'happen' this year. I know that its practically impossible for us to go north right now, we would have to go all the way out to Sunnydale and back up Hwy 151 or maybe over to Hwy 15, but we thought that we heard it was even under water. I guess I am glad we can get out to the south.
From Tulip~
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