Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seth at the fair, part two

I totally love this picture. It's my favorite picture of the day. Does absolutely nothing to tell the story of what we doing, where we were at. And it was one of those, oh just for the heck of it shots, I love those, especially when they turn out this cool!!! We were waiting for Sam to go into the show ring, and instead of Seth darting around in amongst the catlle, he and I were standing up by the barn, and he always likes his picture taken, so then he can see it on the screen. I think it may be one of those ones, I blow up as a big one to hang on the wall. You'll notice the clothing change, he was glad to get out of the hot mesh polo shirt, and switched to shorts, but left the boots on. Not everyone can pull off that look like he can.
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