Friday, May 9, 2008

A picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I have been doing something new lately...................... Well not totally new, just expanding my horizons alittle. I have been taking pictures of my kids as long as they have been in my life. I got frustrated with the portrait studio thing a few years ago and started taking 'posed' pictures of them with some success. When our good friends, Bob and Margo had a daughter get engaged, I offered to take a picture of two for them, and had a bit more success. Well a bit of time passed and our fifth 'child' and hired hand, Matt needed some Senior pictures taken, I took some of them for him. Had a blast doing that, of course, knowing the subject and being very familiar with the settings helped make the pictures easy to take. Then a few weeks ago, our good friends called again, the Benoits wanted a family picture taken. Last Sunday I took pictures of 18!!! Benoits as a group and as smaller combinations. It was great fun, some decent pictures were accomplished, and now I wonder.................
What will I be when I grow up? I love taking these pictures and realize if opportunity and practice are available, I can get better at that. I love cooking and the catering jobs seem to continue to pop up here and there (two for next weekend) I love sewing and making totes and purses, and that always makes a cute gift, which has in the past lead to some special orders here and there. The baking and candy making are an absolute blast, which covers alot of holidays, and some wedding and baby shower 'jobs' AND I really enjoy adding posts to this blog, which fills a creative outlet for the writing that I find relaxing........................ All of these things, are great 'jobs' for a mom. I can be as busy as I want to be along with caring for our children. I worry that it is jack of all trades, master of none.........
Well don't have any answers this morning, just wondering..................... so I suppose it's off to hosuecleaning, lunch cooking, grocery shopping for the 'orders' of food coming up and burn a cd of pictures to take and get developed later.................... enjoy living our crazy life until the next inspiration pops into my head to bring me back the 'Hasekamps of Tulip' page.
Until then from Tulip~

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