Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Only Thing Consistent About Change Is That It Never Stops

Just when I dare to think that maybe this week will offer a bit of free time, I am always met with a sound HA HA from my calendar. Jenna finished up with preschool last week, and I thought quite mistakenly that THIS week would be a bit quieter, not the case.........
Let's see, last night was 'Kindergarten Here We Come' today Cody has a field trip to Hannibal, Sam has a 'special lunch' that we are invited to, tomorrow night is 4H, Thursday is Parents as Teachers, the Elementary School Track and Field Day and Wrestling, I am not sure what Friday brings, but I am thinking at this point that there is nothing planned for Saturday, keeping my fingers crossed. I bought paint for Jenna's room LAST fall, thought that would be something that I could do after school started, well last fall heralded the beginning of a new era at our house, FOOTBALL, not only football in the middle school for Cody but he also helped the local radio station announcers with the High School Games, so the paint got put away. The second football was over we went from offseason 'open gym nights' with wrestling to full blown wrestling practice, twice a week. Wrestling is over now and we are back to the offseason open gym nights, but like our 'up to the eyeballs' life would lead you to guess, we have something else to fill our time. 4H activities are getting into full swing. David and the boys are breaking calves, we are having a sprinkling of 4H project meetings here and there and currently dealing with the hub-bub of the end of another school year. There are picnics, field trips, Fine Arts Nights, and much MUCH MORE!!! I keep reminding myself that I will look back on these days with the rose colored glasses that more nostalgic times are generally viewed through soon enough.................. but I just have to say, surviving them some days are a challenge!

Jenna and I went to the final event of her 'parents as teachers' enrollment last night, the grand finale, the big one................ yes I am playing up the drama, maybe it will make you weepy too, as it did me. Not sure which thing was more poignant, remembering like it was yesterday taking Cody to these events, remembering when she was barely a little bit in my arms, dreading to think of how much more emotional I will be when I take Seth, (maybe PMS, who knows) but in each and every 'station stop' I kept finding myself choking back the tears. Was proud that I never let one fall, but they were right there all evening. Had them camouflaged with my glasses (yeah maybe the rose colored ones) Reminded with Cody's teacher of his first day, had MY Kindergarten music teacher, say that Jenna reminded her of a little blonde haired girl of 30 years ago, and to many more stories to type especially as I find myself 'pecking away' and wiping the tears now. Jenna on the other hand had an absolute blast. I think she might have a crush on Bobby Reeves our longtime beloved Elementary PE teacher, thinks that the library is a very cool place, bubbling over with excitement about horses to play with in one of the Kindergarten rooms, and "look at all the play doh Mom" in the Art room, and her list of thrills could also go on and on.

I remember loving school also as a kid. Maybe it was because I grew up in town without cows and tractors and 'stuff' to keep me busy all summer. Although I can think of very few weeks of summer that didn't including riding our bikes all over town, the pickup baseball games that just happened, playing at the city park that bring a smile to my face to this day. Maybe I was excited about the new school year because as an innocent child, I craved that change just as Jenna did last night and does. Hopefully I am not just a grumpy old mom, but I certainly don't crave the change as much anymore. I love these days that I was whining about surviving, with my kids all here around me playing, fighting, laughing, arguing, and loving each other everyday.

I love music and so many songs remind of my feelings this morning, 'Blessed' by Martina McBride, ' You're Gonna Miss this' by Trace Adkins and 'Let them be little' by, by, I am not sure who............. and many more. Maybe Cody will let me listen to those on his iPod while I paint Jenna's room this summer, MAYBE..........

Guess we will head into this next chapter of our life, some of us more excited than others, some craving it, some polishing her rose colored glasses so I never ever forget these days of survival.

Getting another klennex,

from Tulip~


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