Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jenna Claire

Here's one of the pics I took of Jenna Friday. We had washed her hair in the morning to get ready for her big program and and we even put 'curlers' in it................ Anything to keep her busy and worrying about something else besides 'When do we go to the Program?' She was very excited! Well even with mousse and leaving the 'curlers' in all day, it's a good thing that I took these pictures pretty quick after we 'styled' her hair as she is related to her mother and the curls were pretty well gone before we ever got to the program. Always the ham, Jenna happily modeled for several pictures. This one is one of my favorites. For those who know how Jenna feels about hair barrettes, you'll all be happy to know she will tolerate headbands, so maybe we've found an accessory that she and I can agree on.
As you see I got my picture program going again, so away I go, blogging and sharing pics with everyone.
Take care and until next time, from Tulip~
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Hasekamp 3 said...

So glad you are back on! I follow you :)