Monday, July 20, 2015


Over the last several months there have been many changes around our place. I went from working a lot, to barely working. Two part time jobs that are neither one consistent have both ceased to need me. One because of its seasonal nature and in theory it should pick up next month again. Thought I had the opportunity to change that last month when a full time position became available, but alas it wasn't meant to be either.
Recently learned of a longtime business who is considering shutting its doors. One that I have a great interest in. Have made plans this week to meet with owner and discuss the possibilities. Don't know if we can handle being multiple business owners, but maybe this is the answer to WHY the other things haven't panned out. 
This isn't my first venture in the business world. The first one was with a partner and didn't work out so well. Thinking it may have happened to prepare me for this. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the lesson in things. If that was the WHY on that experience, guess I will take that. 
Don't normally ask for prayers in this blog as its normally my place to be thankful for prayers answered and blessings to be counted, but the enthusiasm of potential has made me think maybe prayers and support of my friends and followers could be needed. So if you feel so moved, please add us to your prayers. We are praying for peace and understanding throughout this process.
From Tulip,

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