Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Takin' Care of Business

That is one of my favorite songs ever..........takin' care of business. I have decided to add a new feature to my blog and it will become a tab that you can click on and get direct links to ways I am takin' care of business around our home and farm.
I will never ever win any clean house awards, but its certainly not because of lack of effort. And while some areas need work, some are a work in progress, others are a work of art. So thanks to social media and elbow grease, I plan to share with others both the successes and failures. We are all human, and will never be perfect, but maybe if we work together, we can find some peace and happiness in our homes that are free of clutter and chaos.

The first link I would like to share is this:  List of things to Dispose of this was a link and article shared on Facebook by Real Simple, a favorite magazine of mine. If you strictly want to print 'the list' pages 3 and 4 are all you need. No sense in making EXTRA clutter!

Have a great day and please check back often to see us 'Takin Care of Business' and look for the tab to appear in the coming weeks as I gather more posts.

From Tulip~

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