Saturday, January 24, 2015

Every Day is a Gift

This morning my littlest and I got up well before daylight, dressed and drove to town. We stopped at the 'wrestling room' and he stepped on the scales. 2 pounds over. Calls were made and we headed home.
Some readers know what that means, but for those who don't here's the rest of the story. My boys are wrestlers. Oldest wrestled throughout his club/little league years and our middle son  has wrestled since he was in 1st grade and continues to as a Sophomore in HS. He's 35-4 for the year, is creeping up on some school records.
The littlest one is trying it out. I let some bad advice influence my better judgement and signed him up for a weight class lighter than what he's been weighing in after practice---my bad. He only gets the chance to wrestle on the weekends that the HS boys have off, so to not be able to go today, really stunk. But here comes the beginning of where the 'gift' is in this post. I was probably more upset than he was. He didn't realize that I had signed him up in the 'wrong class' then failed on my 'sworn-in wrestling momma oath' and didn't monitor his weight. His answer was, okay, so I wrestle in the heavier class next time. Then that smile that melts my heart broke out across his face.
We came home, scrambled eggs and went on about our day. I am appreciating the gift of an unplanned day off. Playing catch up around the house. The kids got a cooked breakfast, something that RARELY happens at breakfast time.
And while I am missing our wrestling family today as they sit those long hours on the bleachers, I am reminded something that has been the underlying theme since the moment I knew Seth was on the way into this ol' world. I thanked God for unanswered prayers then and again today. After four kids, I like to hope that I have learned to savor the moment more and quit being so busy looking forward that I forget to look around and enjoy the here and now.
Seth is my walking, talking, SMILING example of that everyday.
We will likely only do things like house cleaning and errands today. but we won't have to rush and we can do them together. He still likes to hang out with his momma.
Sitting at my desk enjoying the sunshine (from inside in the warmth) and savoring THIS MOMENT,
From Tulip~

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