Wednesday, January 14, 2015

W4DW----Easy Apple Coffee Cake

I love experimenting when I get the chance in the kitchen. And when those experiments go well, I obviously have to share. For several years, I was a stay at home mom and I had a lot of time to bake, sew, do whatever I wanted honestly. Looking back, I am not sure that I appreciated just all the time I did have. I  have entered the working world a couple of years ago and I will admit all day long every day how much I miss being at home. It's not because I don't love working, I do. I am a social person, being around others makes me smile. But I really miss have the time to spoil my family like I  used to. Baking has always been one of those ways that I spoiled them.
My Farmer's birthday was this week. He has a sweet tooth, but recently had a check-up that ended the way a lot of them do at our age, with the could really stand to lose a little weight. Sigh. No German Chocolate Cake this year. (note: make sure that appointment happens AFTER his birthday next year)
Well, doctors orders or not, I couldn't NOT bake him something. So a few weeks ago on Pinterest I noticed a recipe that I thought would be a hit at this house. So I pinned it, of course. I am such a visual person, I am not always good at checking back at the instructions, especially when I think I know what would work. So while in the grocery store, I made a point of buying the 'canned' cinnamon rolls. Just so happens this particular can had caramel icing, bingo, great compliment to my apple plan..........
Before baking I did head over to Pinterest to check out the instructions. I was surprised to learn that the original recipe was for home made dough............well, recipes are just a suggestion, right? I grabbed a couple of apples, the can of rolls and the experiment began.
I am the proud owner of a Pampered Chef 'Deep Dish Baker' I am not sure if they even still make those anymore, but boy do I love mine! I sprayed it generously. I peeled and sliced two apples. Popped the can open and began. I unrolled the first roll almost all the way, and slid an apple slice in between the cinnamon roll layers. I kept doing this and adding more strips of cinnamon roll dough until I had filled the pan, used the apples...........
I set the oven, per the instructions and planned to bake like I would regular rolls. I checked at the end of that interval and the dough wasn't quite as golden as I felt like it needed to be. Thinking that I ended up baking this about 15 minutes, but that could be my oven. Please watch yours closely. When it came out, I drizzled the caramel icing across the top. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM
What a quick, easy and inexpensive surprise for your family!
Smelled so good as it cooled and hoped I'd be able to wait for the Birthday boy to come inside so we can test taste it,
From Tulip~

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