Monday, January 12, 2015

The Farmer

Today is my Farmer's birthday. How will we celebrate? Well so far............we were up till after midnight last night, so I got the honor of being the first person to wish him a Happy Birthday. This morning slick roads meant the kids didn't go to school until 10AM, late-start, as the district calls it. So he got to leisurely eat his bowl of cereal and browse craigslist. Then, when he went outside, he unfroze the car doors, and scraped most of the ice off the windows. Popping his head back in the door to remind them that they would still need to start the car early to finish the thawing process. Then it was off to feed the cows.
His birthday is like most days, he's working. He's taking care of us. He regularly carries a heavy weight on  his shoulders-------us, this farm, the future. He takes it all in stride. It awes me and amazes me. How did I get so lucky?
Next year is a 'big' year, birthday-wise for him. While I would be shouting it from the rooftops and throwing my own party, that's not his style. It will be another day to him. He will continue to take care of us, amaze us and if he's his cereal and browse craigslist in the peace and quiet.
Since he doesn't like me making a big deal about him on this blog, I better stop with this,
Wishing my Sweet Farmer a Happy 49th Birthday,
From Tulip~

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