Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in the Country

Through social media I have met many fellow bloggers. Most are like me, rural women. Some are very involved in the farm, some not so much. We are all alike in one way, we share a love of agriculture. We are passionate about our way of life. We agvocate daily to others in order to keep living this life. With that one driving force among us, we have a close knit community that stretches from Maine to California, South Dakota to Texas and ALL POINTS in between.
All year long we share each others stories. At Christmas time, we share with each other. We hold a gift exchange, 'Christmas in the Country' It's hosted by three or so of our group. We promote it on our blogs and through social media. Each participant is asked to share a gift with a few basic criteria in mind. It should represent items of your local area, things you love and things that you think the recipient would enjoy based on what you learned about her on her blog.
This year, I got Danielle, of High Heels and Shotgun Shells. The following is the letter I wrote her:
 Dear Danielle,

Hello, I am Kathy Hasekamp, of ‘Hasekamps of Tulip’ blog and H&K Farms facebook page. I am your Christmas in the Country secret Santa. I stalked your blog and facebook page. I will say it took me back in time a little, in many ways, some unexpected, which was kind of fun.
In my blogstalking, I felt like I learned several things about you, some that I found fun were. It looks like you are left handed, in a picture you were doing something with your left hand. If I wasn’t also left handed, I probably wouldn’t have noticed that.
Your mobile home, is almost the same exact floor plan as the one that my Farmer and I lived in when we were first married. I noticed funny things like the goofy light switch covers that aren’t like the ones you buy in the store, the trim on the walls over each piece of paneling, etc…… Your stories of remodelling it sound so much like some of the projects we took on. At the time ours was practically new, but young brides like to make their mark on things. :) 25 years into marriage, we have moved to another home now. But there were many memories in that mobile home. And I am sure you will make many in yours as well.
I love that we have the same last name initial, H. As I was looking for things for you, grabbing a letter H just seemed like something you would like. After seeing some pictures of you and your husband, I think with a sign that had your last name on it, I really wanted to think up a project using your last name. That never panned out, so I bought you a little black metal H that I thought might work into your decor somewhere.
As for your other gifts, they all come with a reason/story. First off after reading your blog post about canning, I felt like I needed to share something that I had canned. I read that you miss the ‘west’ so hoping that the jar of hot peppers will offer a little reminder. My pepper plants were ABUNDANT this summer and I canned salsa, pickled peppers and dehydrated them, plus giving away tons all summer long.
You mentioned that you have chickens and cattle. When I saw that cool ‘chicken wire’ ribbon, I just knew that was another item to add to your box of goodies. Then I know that every farm wife needs a cute and colorful tea towel to line her basket to go to a potluck dinner, so hence the two ‘cow’ towels. I made (did the machine applique) those. They were a project that I had on my blog back in the spring and seemed to be a popular one.
We were also instructed to add items from our local area. I added ‘Sticky Pig’ BBQ sauce and Mustard. That is canned right here in my town and is popular around here.  Hope that you enjoy it. I also added a small bag of peanut brittle. We have an Amish community about 2 miles from our farm and they make some wonderful candy this time of year. So I thought that I would share a little.
I also thought that I would share a product that I love. I sent Mary Kay Hand scrub. I know being a farm wife and mom, I sure don’t pamper myself much. That stuff is my one ‘guilty pleasure’ and in this season of giving, I thought I would share a bottle.
I hope that the items give you some things to enjoy, a little sense of who I am and add a little smile to your day. Really enjoyed participating in the Christmas in the Country gift exchange and look forward to seeing everyone’s posts.

Merriest of Christmases from Mid-Missouri,
From Tulip~

While I was busy blog stalking Danielle, in another part of the country, I was being blogstalked as well. Sure makes you think, am I really portraying who I am............well here are the items I received from, Sarah at Hewitt Farms in Minnesota:
Totally spot on, I love things with 'H's' or our name on it. I am a scarf wearer, and totally switch out everyday for Christmas in my kitchen. She told me stories about her gifts and how they tied into her own story. I just loved it.

Feeling extra blessed and loved in the Christmas season,
From Tulip~


Buttons said...

Oh I just love the letter you sent with your gift it is beautiful. It is so nice when you get a letter where you can see someone totally stalked you and they are nice:) Seriously it was a very special touch. Oh I love the gifts you gave and the ones you received. B

Elizabeth M said...

OH my gosh Sticky Pig is the BEST BBQ sauce out there!!

Robyn Goddard said...

Thank you for participating in this years gift exchange.

I love the cattle towels! I think it's fun to get "local" items from different areas of the country. There are so many neat ideas out there.

J.Rhoades said...

Such great gifts both ways! I love seeing how everyone picked out items specifically for the person they got and tried to include some local goodies as well. So glad you participated, I loved the intro you gave about the exchange as well, so pretty! :)

Laurie - Country Link said...

Love, Love what you sent KH!! So cute, fun, creative and just perfect for Danielle. Enjoy your gift and be sure to join us next year!

Jan said...

Love the towels. They would even match my kitchen. You have inspired me to think about getting my sewing machine busy! Happy New Year!