Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankfulness Thursday---The Here and Now

As I sat supervising kids while they worked on assignments today while subbing at school, one of the things I do is brainstorm for blog ideas. I thought of so many things that I could write about, as we seem to perpetually be busy with a million things going on, so inspiration for postings, aren't too hard to come up with. I thought about today's writing prompt, thankfulness. I think about how quickly life passes us by, and then its just over and we think where did the time go? So I will attempt to ramble on and bring it all together. Here goes:

Thankful for this kid (and my other 3) on the eve of some many endings, there are new beginnings for him and us, as parents we are about there with this one, soon we will move from management to consultant, looking forward to see what this one finds out in the world and how quickly he conquers it! BTW, that's his prom tux, we were seeing if it fit last night, they are ordering smaller pants, my Twig is a skinny one!

One look and you have to wonder has she lost her da@# mind? Where's the thankfulness here? Well, this is about the view I have out my back window, this shed is less than 500 feet from my house and my house is untouched, we were blessed last week, it could have been so much worse. Also thought I would show that in between everything else they do, The Farmer and Uncle Honey are slowly but surely, getting it cleaned up. :)

Bless to be a momma to farm kids. Where else in the world is a piece bale wrap and a puppy an afternoon's entertainment? Well here on the farm it can be. I worry sometimes that we maybe haven't given all we could have to our kids, but a free puppy, acres and acres to play on aren't the worst things that they could grow up with.

Always thankful for COWS! Who would have thunk it, granted Sturgeon isn't 'big city' but I was a town kid, almost a quarter century ago, I probably didn't have cows on my thankfulness list. All these years later, I do, everyday. They are very much a part of our life. They provide income, diversity in our farming operation and many life lessons for our children, both happy and sad ones. Yeap the cows make my list!

Hunter has figured out how to escape Macy! Thankful that he reminds me how we always adapt and evolve, regardless of the situation. When I think of the changes over the years, wow! Wouldn't do anything differently and have no interest in wishing away a single minute, so glad to be right where I am today and everyday.
 I hope my slightly random list offered a little insight to the feeling of blessedness that our family and farm bring to my soul everyday. With so many people in this world hurting, I feel blessed that today I wasn't one of them and I pray that their future hurts be few and hope that they can see the blessings and are thankful for the here and now.

Remembering my Aunt who taught me a lot about life and knowing she's celebrating her first birthday in Heaven today,

From Tulip~



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Anonymous said...

It all came together nicely KH! You are so right. We have so much to be thankful for. So glad that your home was not touched in the tornado and that everyone is fine.