Monday, April 22, 2013

Mondays in Missouri--Tornado Clean-up

As they held up sections to pull things out, and worked their way from one end to the other,  the roof tipped  farther and farther over.

Our good friend, Tim Lewis, brought this machine (of course I don't know what its called) to help.  Thanx Buddy! 

With the two machines lifting the trusses, slowly the equipment could be pulled out. 

This was an important thing to get out. Hooked onto the tractor is our feed grinder and we generally grind about a weeks' worth at a time, so that was going to be a needed item SOON! 

Brother in law 'scooped' the glass out of the seat before sitting down and driving the tractor out. 

Two guys in 'tractors' and another important set of eyes watching. The man pictured is The Farmer's 'second' dad. A close neighbor and friend, who was the Farmer's dads best friend. Advice from those with more experience, is a blessing when trying to figure out how get this job accomplished. We love Bill Harris!

Aaron Kroeger  literally rode on the back of the grinder, holding things out of the way as my brother in law slowly drove it from under the building. 

The Big Steiger has a exhaust pipe that will need to be replaced, to start with, the guys will go over all the equipment and figure out what repairs are needed. Not the job that they wanted to do, days before planting begins, but some of the equipment is needed for field work, so there's no other choice. 

The beginnings of a 'wood pile'. Can't imagine how large that will get before this project is complete. 
Here are some of the beginnings of the clean-up of our shed that was destroyed in the tornado last week. I am sure that many more posts will be shared before this project is complete. Just wanted to share a few.

Blessed to  have great neighbors and friends who have shown up to help with this big project,
From Tulip~


Breanna Auck said...

I talked to Jason H Saturday for an update on you all! Glad everyone is safe!

Eric said...

The only thing that matters is no one was hurt during the tornado, or in trying to clean it up. The rest will take care of itself...glad you're able to start the recovery process. Friends with power tools and heavy equipment is ALWAYS a bonus! said...

So glad you are able to have people come over to help. What a wonderful community farming is. Prayers for you all as you continue this clean up effort. Hopefully the insurance will help out and you can get some things done beore spring planting starts.