Friday, May 3, 2013

Fridays on the Farm--Coming Attractions

This month is/has/will be a busy one around the farm. If Mother Nature ever gets over her infatuation with winter, maybe we will plant some crops. My Farmer is hoping this is soon. All the usual things are going on that do this time of year. The show calves are spending time daily in the barn with the kids. This year all four of our kids can show. It will likely be interesting. We  have a friend with four daughters and I used to tease her about it, say that they were a stand alone class at the cattle show.............guess who will be in those shoes now? ;)

Seth has a little heifer that was one that he bottle fed last summer, she was too young to show at fairs, born end of June, so she is going to be his heifer exhibit. That is really the only one that anyone has laid claim to at this point. We have several steer and heifer prospects and right now 'everyone' is fairly even, I would say as the kids start getting more time in the barn, the 'winners' will rise to the top.

In amongst all else that normally keeps us busy, we have two of our four kids 'graduating'  Cody graduates from High School, next typing those words take my breath away. It honest to goodness really feels like just yesterday, I took him into his Kindergarten classroom. I can remember conversations The Farmer and I had before he started school about what a evolution would take place in the 13 years spent in public school. We couldn't have been more wrong about somethings and hit others dead on, both good and bad things, but that is life.

Our other graduate is Sam, who graduates from grade school about 10 days after his brothers' graduation. Sam is so different from Cody in so many ways. Cody has always been very curious and wanted to soak it all up, as far as academics. Sam, on the other hand, while I believe just as smart, is there because well he has to be. At first he was willing to go to school, because we convinced him in order to be a farmer he had to go, this satisfied him for quite a while. Then he discovered sports, now that is enough incentive, he gladly goes, because that is means to the end. The end for him is on the football field or the wrestling mat. Whatever inspires them, right?

So look forward to planting pictures, if we ever get a break in the weather, graduation pics and stories and of course 'kids and black cows' as coming attractions on our blog. Wanted to share with you as well that I am working a series of 'history' posts. Besides more information on our farm, family farming history; I am working on a history of Tulip. I have read several other blogs lately that had posts on their heritage, so thought that might be something to share here as well. In brief, the land our farm sits on was once a small town. Only two buildings remain, the church and the 'block building' that once housed a blacksmith's shop. That's all the 'trailer' I have for tonight. Just mostly wanted to check in with our followers, haven't gotten to blog as much as I have wanted, but have thought about you all and future posts, so look forward to what's in store.

Posting while listening to it continue to rain, but glad that H&K Farms was NOT one of the places in Missouri that got snow on the 3rd of May,

From Tulip~



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