Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tune in Tuesdays--Nicholas Sparks

For this entry I would like to share not only one book, but an author who I like to read. His name is Nicholas Sparks. I will admit I saw Message in a Bottle and Nights in Rodanthe as movies, before I realized they were part of such a great list of books from this author. Once I discovered them, I read them as quickly as I could get my hands on them. Many of his books are not only bestsellers, I believe about 8 have been movies, and in my opinion, pretty good movies with decent adaptions of the books.

MOVIES: (and if I remember them, the leading man AND MY RATING of him, LOL)
                 The Notebook (where we all first fell in love with Ryan Gosling, at least me)
                 The Guardian
                 A Walk to Remember
                 Message in a Bottle (Kevin Costner, yummy, but ending is the reason DH doesn't like me picking movies, he only likes happily ever after)
                 Nights in Rodanthe (Richard Gere, meow, didn't let DH watch this one, I knew better, LOL)
                 Dear John (Channing Tatum!)
                 The Lucky One (Zack Efron, not bad)
And coming out for Valentines Day, Safe Haven (starring another one of my boyfriends, Josh Duhamel)

Some of the Books that haven't been movies: The Best of Me, The Choice (positively gut wrenching), The Rescue, A Bend in the Road, The Wedding, At First Sight and True Believer.

I am not sure I have listed them all, but wow, these are ones I have read and they are wonderful, every one of them. Mostly I would say these books are of the romance novel type, but most have some unexpected twist to them, which draws the reader in. Coupled with the plot is a beautifully described setting, that makes me want to travel to the southeastern part of this country every time I pick up his books. Books are basically set in modern times, but he does a wonderful job of adding in back story that helps set the stage as well as sharing a glimpse into the future that helps readers like myself who are nosey enough to want to know even after a beautiful well written ending, what happens next? ;)

The books are what I would call a 'short read' although I think they are considered novels, most are readable in a few days tops, of course maybe I should explain, when I get caught up in the story, I can rarely put the books down outside of doing what I absolutely have to, so I can get them read that quickly. I was sick a few days ago and re-read, The Choice and A Bend in the Road BOTH in one day, but it was a day that I didn't feel like doing much else. The only warnings that I will share are these: they aren't always 100% happily ever afters and you will be drawn practically instantly!

Trying to get some 'to-do's' done so maybe I can convince The Farmer that date night to see the movie would be fun,
From Tulip~


J.Rhoades said...

I love Nicolas Sparks as well. I actually just read the Notebook for the first time - I love that movie. I was a little shocked at how different that book is from the movie, still the same idea, but presented really differently. I was crying while reading the whole thing regardless, I think Dustin thought I was losing my mind :)

Hattonlife said...

I think I have read all of his books except Safe Haven and only saw The Notebook and Message in a Bottle as movies. Like you, I can read them pretty fast because they just draw you in and the next thing you know, 6 hours have past. The Choice was hard and I can't tell you how many times I cried in that book.
Love you and thanks for making be blog again.