Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankfulness Thursday

Okay, so like about EVERYONE, except my mother and my husband, I am on facebook. (actually they are both closet lurkers on the facebook of their spouses, in case anyone wondered) And those on Facebook know that with the turning of the calendar page and probably so we won't all delete our accounts because we are sick of political posts, comes 'The Thankfulness Posts'. Thankfulness posts are something that many of my friends do, most do it all month long, I always attempt to and generally don't miss to many and try to add 'make-up' posts when I fall behind. It was so refreshing to get on there today when I got home from work and see so many of these posts. Since its so close to the election, I generally skim the 'news feed' pretty quickly, avoiding all political posts, cartoons, this point in the game, I think EVERYONE is so sick of those, there would be no changing anyones mind anyway.
To me the Thankfulness posts show us a little window into the souls of our friends. We have so much to be thankful for in this country, in the time that it is so easy for all of us to take for granted what all we really do have. If we can pick out 30 things (30 days in Nov) and say thanks for those things or people, etc........... yay for us.
In my endeavor to be a more regular blogger, I am going to attempt to start posting 'Thankful Thursdays' I will pick something or someone that I am thankful for, tell you what it is and why. So besides the 30 posts on Facebook, hopefully my readers will get 52 more things that I am thankful for via this blog.
Since today is Jenna's birthday, today I am thankful for Jenna.

My little doll baby. You were the first of two surprises to come into our lives. At one point after struggling to get two kiddos, Dad and I figured we were about done having kids, boy were we wrong. You came into this world in sort of a 'whirlwind' and that should have been our first clue, but sometimes Dad and I are a little slow on the uptake. From day one, you have done things your way. Some of the best traits in adults are the hardest ones to deal with in children. I have no doubt that anyone will take advantage of you or ever wonder what you are thinking or how you feel about anything. I always say my boys are physically demanding, and well JH you are mentally demanding, but that's okay, because while somedays I am ready to ship you off to Aunt O or your 'other' momma, MelB, it is pretty great having someone in the house who thinks like I do. I love to be able to communicate 'like a girl' with you. Very rarely do you need the detailed instructions that the guys need. You just get it. Thank goodness. I feel blessed that while The Farmer has 'his boys' I got to have my girl. Even though my girl wouldn't be caught dead in a dress or playing with dolls, I still look forward to the day when we will be BFF'S, like I am with my mom and grandma. I know that we will be that way since none of us have sisters, these intergenerational 'friendships' are the greatest blessings in my life.
I love your compassion. You feel so deeply for so many things, most of them are four legged, but that's okay. You have the most beautiful blue eyes, you remind me of your great grandpa Garrett, yours are the same color as his and just bright.
You are growing into such a great young woman, while I desperately will miss the little girl that stole our hearts, I do definitely look forward to the woman who I know will always be my girl. I love you sis.
Getting ready to have 'birthday supper' with my household to celebrate a decade of 'The Cattle Whisperer,
From Tulip~

PS--this was my 200th post, kinda exciting, had I realized it, I would have planned something cool, sigh, well, keep reading, maybe I will do something at the next milestone! <3>

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J.Rhoades said...

This is so sweet! I totally get the being BFFs with you mom thing - I do have a sister but she's only 10 and while my mom has sisters they don't live close so she and I tend to get closer and closer the older I get. Happy Birthday to your little girl!