Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I love Fall!

After such an intense summer, heat and drought, I have certainly looked forward to fall. I always do. It's my favorite time of year. My babies were all four fall babies, so I have the greatest excuse to regularly entertain, many birthday parties at our house during the fall.
Fall means school starts and YES I was one of THOSE kids who looked forward to school starting. Now as a mom, after the chaos of summer, I like the routine-ness of the school year, but not necessarily the hours, being a night owl sounds like such a good idea until the next morning when I am dragging myself out of bed to get the kids ready and YIKES if I have to sub, start really rethinking that 2am bedtime which is my fav time to go to bed.
This fall, thanks to summer hasn't been as exciting on the harvest side of things. The guys are shelling corn, but they aren't pushing real hard to get the job done. I think the numbers are just depressing them. It does look like there will be some beans though............cross your fingers!
One of my newest fall loves is football. Having a senior this year makes that love affair a bittersweet one. Cody has a group of buddies, some of whom he's been buddies with his whole life, I will miss him next fall and I will miss them. I guess while this year DH is kinda bummed about fall, guessing next year will be my turn.
While some things about fall lean towards the 'end' of something, there are many things that 'begin' in the fall. 4H for one thing. All four of our kids are in the club this year, with it being Cody's last year and Seth's first year. Soon we will get the calves weaned and the kids will start picking out their next beef projects, with that in our minds, as it gets colder, we have the warm thoughts of summer to come filled with fairs and friends.
Seems I have been busy with many projects and haven't turned my home into the 'fall spectacular' that I usually do, thinking tomorrow sounds like the day to do that. Maybe tomorrow night I will add some pics.
Typing while wearing a hoodie and my fuzzy slippers,
From Tulip~

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