Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Sewing

Here are a few recent projects. I can't actually sew today, too many other things on the list of to-do's, but thought I would drop by and share a couple of pictures. Lately the sewing I have been doing has been for others and I can't share those pictures till customer gives the gift. So I had to dig back a month or two to projects that were either for me, yes the top one actually is for me, surprising, yes I know. The other project was for a baby gift, gift has been given, baby has been born, so picture of project was fair game.
Not sure if I have shared a couple of great 'free places' to find patterns or learn techniques. The first one is Moda Bake Shop. When going to this website, it sort of looks like just another blog, which it kinda is. But each blogpost is a pattern, or sewing instructions for great quick and easy projects. Just looked on it and there's a 'charming scarf' The company behind the blog is Moda and they sell quilt fabric, BEAUTIFUL quilt fabric. One of their greatest retail products is their precuts. You can get 'samples' of an entire designer line cut into 2.5 inch strips, 10 inch squares, and 5 inch squares, there are others, but those are probably the three most popular ones. The what you can do with them are showcased on this blog. I totally love it, the projects are quick and easy and can a lot of times be done in an afternoon or over a weekend.
Now my other favorite place to learn about quilting projects is You Tube, yes, the place we go to watch funny video clips. You tube is much more than that! The Missouri Star Quilt Company has an entire channel devoted to it. Look here and pick anyone of the videos. They are a Godsend to 'visual learners' like me. If I am wanting to learn a specific technique, chances are I will find something on their channel that covers it, or I can get distracted with something else, us quilters are kinda like that.
Well that's all I have for now. Cody has 'two a day' football practice in order to prepare for Monday night's district championship game, Sam is hunting (youth gun season for deer), Jenna and Seth are 'paying the piper' AKA The Farmer, for mischief they got into with the friends who were over to play yesterday and they are cleaning their rooms. I am cleaning and cooking for the family birthday lunch that is tomorrow celebrating their 10th and 8th birthdays, and The Farmer, I am not sure what he's doing, but looking at the clock, he will be looking for lunch soon, YIKES!
Jumping up and scrambling through the pantry looking for inspiration,
From Tulip~

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