Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unanswered Prayers

Everyone who knows us, knows that Seth was the prayer answered that we never knew we were praying for. What would life be like without our littlest ray of sunshine? I have no idea and nor do I ever want to. This summer is a special one for me. I learned at least a kid or two ago to quite wishing my life away and savor the moments, as they seem to be running past us faster and faster. I try to appreciate the fact that he still likes to come to our room about 2:30 most mornings and spend the rest of the night with us. Although as this mornings crook in my neck would lead one to believe, its not his most enduring quality.

Seth or Seffy Kamps as he has nicknamed himself is a young man with many, many things that just make you fall in love with him over and over! His funny personality, and the man of million faces just screams of that mind blowing sense of humor and fun that will take him so far in this world. He's certainly a 'youngest' child. He is more street smart than any of our other kids. Has 'friends' many years older than he. He has a confidence about him that will take him places that most would only dream to go.
I have been blessed with a special privilege in this life and that is one of a stay at home mom. I have been at home with kids for 16 yrs. I know that many moms don't get this opportunity. While it has its wonderful qualities, its not been all wine and roses. I have gotten my share of criticisms. I didn't do everything exactly like it ought to have been done, but it was me who paid the price, I didn't hire the raising of my kids out to whomever was cheapest and most convenient. Please don't take that as an insult, I am just trying to demonstrate the nasty sorts of comments that I got from time to time. There have been many things that David and I would have love to have done through the years, that we weren't able to do. But there's been one thing that we have done that I am certain without a doubt that we both realize how blessed we've been to be able to do and that was raising our kids and putting them before ourselves always.
Several weeks agao, Seth, Jenna and I were laying on our bed reading and I was lamenting the fact that the two of them no longer would fit in my lap because they were getting so big. Without hestitation my littlest blessed ray of sunshine said, 'I will stay little for you forever' OMG, does that little boy melt your heart?!?! Love you Seffy Kamps and your brothers and your sister.
Not looking forward to the swollen eyes of the first day of school,
From Tulip~

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