Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Focus on Missouri Agriculture Photo Contest

Since I bought my new camera in June, I simply can't take enough pictures, and of course with it being summer, most of the those pictures are kids and cows. I know that this red calf is something new for regular viewers of our kids with their calves. So here's the story of Rose. Since Jenna has yet to turn 8 and actually officially be in 4H, which by the way, she's getting very tired of waiting on. We have let her have a bottle calf for the last SEVERAL years, I think this might be her 4th one! We've had Lilly, Barbie and Sparkles. This spring we were lucky enough not to have a bucket calf, although Jenna didn't think that was a good thing! So a plea was sent out amongst our cattle friends and a calf was found. Our friends, the Nelsons, had just the thing. No she wasn't a black calf, but Jenna didn't care. All the usual frustrations of trying to get a calf to take the bottle seemed amplified this year, but finally, FINALLY Rose caught on, thanks to much time and patience from our daughter. That will be such a blessing if she continues to have that much patience later in life! Once Rose and Jenna got feeding down, Jenna started training her to wear the halter, and be led. Once those weren't a big deal, they started their daily routine, which generally includes a bath (some days, more than one!) brushing Rose's red coat, applying conditioner and walks around our yard and love LOTS of love. A good friend said some little girls play with dolls, some little girls play with calves and she was right. Our little girl loves Rose with deep true love that is truly beautiful to watch.
Learning how to blog via Flickr this morning,
From Tulip~
PS-- I submitted this photo in the Focus on Missouri Agriculture Photo Contest, hence the title of this entry!

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