Friday, May 16, 2008

Aunt Kathy Time

This evening we got a surprise guest at our house, my sweet little nephew. His momma and daddy were enjoying a Cardinal game in StL and a bit of adult time and technically he was supposed to be hanging out with Grandma Linda. Well Grandpa's help at the pool hall fell through, so Aunt Kathy to the rescue. You know I just hated it the whole time, ha! NOT! It is so fast how you forget what each age group does, and it hasn't been that long since I had a 2 and a half year old, like LAST YEAR. It cracked me up how busy Riddick is. He checked out the whole yard in like 30 seconds. He got distracted though at one point, he discovered the cows. Now they were interesting and he watched them for quite some time. In fact I really think his Daddy ought to consider getting him one. Living in town, eh, no matter, Riddick likes those cows. Then he discovered the chickens, little red feathered cows that aren't behind the fence and then look, Sam caught one and he got to 'pet' it, as much as you can a chicken. Yeah that was some cool stuff. We explored the barn and all of the various gates and fences that you can climb up and down in there, while we fed Barbie the bottle calf, at that point, I think looking her face to face, he decided that fences were probably a good invention. He wasn't scared, but didn't stick around long either. We enjoyed playing with sticks, and rocks and low tree branches, does this poor child have any cool stuff at his house, poor little guy! Also rode the assortment of kiddie cars, tractors, tricycles, etc.................. One of the highlights though would probably be the ol' swingset. I could certainly tell that he was a veteran swinger and slider, he knew all the tricks. He had balance down real well, could make the swing go 'high' and was a daredevil like many little boys before him on the slide. Because as you know, sliding on your bottom is for sissies; especially when your agile little body can flip right over at the top of the slide in a nanosecond, give Aunt K a devilish grin and down you go. After a few hours of 'outside' it wasn't too tough a sell to head inside and see what was new in there. Alvin and the Chipmunks were discovered on the TV. Soon enough there was the ultimate in kids feasting available for all interested parties in the kitchen. Macaroni and Cheese and Hotdogs. Ketchup must have been very good as it had the biggest dent. He tried blueberries, nah not so much, licked the ketchup off of the hotdogs and ate maybe one or two macaroni, yeap little brother, being two is all about eating enough to survive and absolutely no more. Not that I thought that you were kidding, but a girl can hope. Instantly reminded me of days gone by, we've been there too and he will outgrow it and as long as food is offered, he won't starve. So we finished up supper with a big cuppie of milk and watched Alvin till Grandma got here to save us from mean ol' Aunt K, how dare she make guys go in the house and eat and wash our hands........................ Just wait till Daddy hears about this.
Love, Riddick's Aunt Kathy
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