Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer has begun around here

Well, I guess I am not going to be good at blogging in the summer months. Will try to catch everyone up. I think the last time I blogged it was mid May. Well since then, we've gotten out of school. Had gobs more rain, won't even go into how David is feeling about that. THe above picture was taken Memorial Weekend. With gas being so reasonable and our LARGE SUV, we didn't go anywhere. So Sunday afternoon we took a short drive. We ended up in Moberly and Rothwell Park. On sunday afternoons there are rides to be taken on this little narrow gauge railway. For a $2 ticket and a few minutes time, we entertained the gang with that. As you can see Cody and Sam were only so so about our choice of entertainment, but we reminded them that 'in the day' they too were big train fans. We are enjoying the 'beginnings' of Summer and all that entails, Strawberries from our Amish neighbors, getting the calves ready for fair. Seth and I are bucking heads with potty training, but making progress. We are sleeping at night with every window of the house open, all that 'good stuff'
Anchor Fest has been and gone. I have to say that I never stepped foot on the square. I worked both night for Dad at the Pool Hall. David took the kids to the carnival, the closest i got was the early morning Anchor Run that the boys enjoy participating in. Rain was an issue for the 'fest-ers' Friday night, but Saturday more than made up for it.
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