Monday, May 12, 2008

Taking a Minute to Catch my Breath

Hello All~
Let's see since last week, we have, had a track and field day which our 'superman' won all three of his events, which were 50 yard dash, 100 yard dash, and high jump. Wooo Hooo Sam!!! Sam also had an awards lunch at which he received the 'Mr Charming/Gentleman' award and another one, which I can't remember what it was, as I think I am still in shock about the first award! Apparently they didn't get a vote from Jenna, LOL!!! What else?????? The boys are lifting weights with the wrestling coach, more for Cody than Sam, but that adds trips to town for me.
Oh big news, David and I went out on a 'date' something that we don't do very often at all. The kids stayed home and 'babysat' themselves. We came home to Cody, Seth and Jenna all in Cody's twin bed, but asleep. So guess it all worked out. We shopped a bit for Mother's Day. We ate out at a place that had came highly recommended to us, HuHot, Mongolian Grill. It was excellent. You design your own dish, picking meat veggies, noodles and sauce, then watch it be stirfry-ed. Very good, we will definitely go back. We weren't particularly successful in our shopping, I am wanting to tile some in our kitchen and think that we can teach ourselves how. So I want to try something smaller as a first project. I am wanting to tile a wall at the end of our cabinets with mosaic tiles. The big problem is that online, I saw EXACTLY what I wanted, and of course didn't find it locally.............. so now debating about paying the shipping or making a different choice. So the project is in limbo...........
Had a great Mother's Day, didn't have to cook MUCH.............. The men at Tulip cook breakfast for the women, so we started our day that way. With a huge breakfast on our tummies, we 'survived' till supper, which was spent with my side of the family. We ate BBQ and all the fixins'
This week includes, more end of the year 'parties' for the various clubs Cody is in, a farewell to the band director at school bbq, Sam's class picnic, and the birthday party of a very dear woman in our life, Alice Vaughn, and I am not sure what all else.
Seth thinks we all need to go to bed RIGHT NOW, and I am tending to agree with him, so for now,
From Tulip~

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