Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Proud to be an American

The last two days have always been big ones in my family. Yesterday was the Marine corp Birthday and today is Veteran's Day. In my family service to our country is a BIG THING. My Dad and Brother, both Marines. Both of my Grandfathers served, several of my uncles, cousins, etc.
My Brother, Wayne on his first visit home, after Cody was born. He was stationed in Okinawa at the time.

My Mom and Dad when Dad graduated from Boot Camp in Camp Pendleton, California, 1968

Above and Below are items from my Grandpa's tour of service, he was stationed in the Pacific during World War II.

With things like Purple Hearts and folded flags in the homes of my family, being patriotic and proud to be an American are just what we are. I feel very thankful that my loved ones were willing to serve to keep our country free. If one of my kids decided to serve, of course I would worry about them, but I would also be so proud that they have carried on a proud family tradition. 
God Bless Veterans, Our Troops now serving and the grand ol' USA,
From Tulip~

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