Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the Year

A friend posted about her favorite days and how she was thankful about each of them, which was sort of the post that was rolling around in my head as well. I am trying to not JUST do the same old thankful posts that I do every year. While yes I want to make sure and incorporate the people and things that I am truly thankful for, I am trying to do it in a different way this year.
So with that being said, today I am thankful for Special Days. I am also thankful for the people who make them special. Here goes--
I am thankful for four dates...........Sept 5th, Oct. 6th, Nov 1st and 2nd. Those are my kids' birthdays. I never realized as kid growing up just how special my own birthday was to my parents, until I became a parent myself. Their birthday far and away overshadow my own. I want celebrate them, shout from the mountaintops, 'That's my Baby!' So proud of those 4 kiddos.
I am thankful for one other date...........July 14th, the next one coming up marks a Quarter Century being married to my best friend in the the entire world. The person who I laugh with, work with, love with all my heart, my sweet Farmer. (he better take note, I spoke nicely of him on TWO Thursdays in a row, LOL)
I am thankful for Holidays.........we host family dinners at our house on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love having my home full of family. I love the prep, cleaning every nook and cranny (okay almost every nook and cranny). I love cooking the food. I love the extra decorating, burning candles, all the extras that it involves. I also love sitting in my recliner while the dishwasher washes the dishes afterwards and all the food is put away, etc.....knowing I can sit there with no guilt, job done.
I am thankful for Planting time and Harvest...... While I may call it, 'Seasonal SingleParenthood' I really do love those days spent eating meals in the field. Shouting our conversations over the sound of grain being augered into the bin. Helping move from field to field. Bringing more seed to the field. Going after a much needed part. Helping weigh the test plot. All of those extras that I hope my Farmer thinks makes his day run a little smoother.
I am thankful for days spent at fairs.........whether its local, county or state fair. Those are the times we sort of call our 'down-time' we get to visit with old friends, enjoy watching our kids make new friends, teach the public a little bit about what our life is all about and just generally have a great time.
I am thankful for a day of a 1,000 bales of hay........there's nothing I delight more in, than cooking and spoiling the kids who come out and work with us putting up hay. Granted they all probably think its hard work, but I like to hope not one of them has ever went home hungry.
I am thankful for game day/dual or tournament time.......... I love the prep, the anticipation, and finally the actual event. I love watching my kids do what they love, with their friends, seeing them work hard for a goal and enjoy getting to see it with friends.
My Farmer will hear of an upcoming event and I swear no matter where it falls, Jan 1st through Dec 31, he will say that's a busy time of year. And he's right, everyday on the farm is busy. Regularly we are busy with kid activities, church activities, 4H/FFA activities, games and much, MUCH more. For that, and those days, I am thankful.
Remind me when I am whining about it that I really am thankful for BUSY-NESS,
From Tulip~

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