Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week of Milestones

So my last post was my official 200th post. (I thought I had hit it earlier, but realized the counter included some rough drafts, so the actual one was today's post) Also today I received my 5,000th page view. Kinda cool. I started this blog to share about my family. It's evolved into something much more. I really try to share about our farm, our family, the things we eat and places we love. I sometimes wish I was more knowledgable to make this a true farm blog, or that I took better pictures so that you, the readers could 'see' the story more clearly OR that I was a more productive quilter to share all the projects that I do, but well after 200 posts, you probably realize that isn't me.
One thing that is me, is I am a person who likes to share the things I love with others. So in celebration of my 200th post and 5,000th page view (that's the count of how many times people have came to my blog to read my crazy stories, in case you didn't know) I am going to do a give-away. I will randomly draw a name of the people who comment on this post. I haven't decided 100% what you will get, but it will be handmade and somehow tie into our farm.
Thank you for indulging me and continuing to come back and see what we are up to here at H&K Farms in Beautiful Downtown Tulip!
Typing while listening to overactive puppy complain about being put to bed and thinking of heading there myself,
From Tulip~


A Kansas Farm Mom said...

Congrats Kathy! I have been wondering why we don't see mores of your quilting projects. Now I know...sort of. ;).

Julie V. said...

Yay! :) So happy for you! Congrats!