Saturday, March 2, 2013

Silent Saturday (or as 'quiet' as I can be!)

Before the Tourney at Camdenton, love that my wrestler has friends from all over!

The 'look' I always feel sorry for his opponents when I see this look, be nice Samuel!
And its a winner! (was three times last week!) My favorite shot to get, outside of the ref smacking the mat when he gets a pin!
JH giving Macy her bath, a little smaller than what my Cattle Whisperer is used to bathing.

She stood there and didn't try to jump out or even cry. While she looks dejected, I think she knew a professional was in charge.

Clean and beautiful again!
 Since I am not supposed to write anything but captions and a closing--guess that's all--hoping you are having a GREAT Saturday,
From Tulip~

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