Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tune in Tuesdays--In the Garden

So the other night we were watching the Alan Jackson 'Precious Memories' show on GAC. Now I love Alan Jackson for his country music, but this album was all gospel music. As we sat watching it, AJ started singing,  'In the Garden' I had noticed Sam perk up. I asked do you like this song, to which he answered, I guess. I went on to tell him that this was the song I used to sing to him when he was a baby rocking in my lap. His answer to that brought tears to my eyes, when he replied, "Then that must be why that song is always in my head, I never knew why I knew it so well." Thankfully he went back to playing his iPod and didn't ask anything else, as I sat there in tears, I wouldn't have been able to answer anything else.

As parents we wonder if we really have any influence in what our kids think, those words reassured me in that moment that my 'words/song' would always be in his head. It's been a rough time in my family with my Aunt who we all dearly love getting so close to the end of her life. Her mother, my Grandmother, loved the song, 'In the Garden' It was played at her funeral, and for years, I couldn't hear it without crying. And the song still makes me think of her. It makes me think of all those I love, now I can hear it and be reassured that the next generation knows love, HIS Love, and that he walks with us and talks with us, even if we don't know where the love came from, we can hear it in our heads.

For anyone who is interested in the Alan Jackson Gospel CD, it's available here. Also today he is releasing Precious Memories II here. I added CD links, but I believe both are available in other formats.

Adding this post while sitting here trying to keep my feet warm wearing my 14 yr olds slippers which are WAY to big for me and feeling blessed to have him in my life,
From Tulip~


Julie V. said...


THAT was a beautiful awesome post! Thank you for sharing it with all of us! :)


Anonymous said...

Kathy, thanks so much for sharing that testimony. Praying for your family as your aunt journeys to Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love this Kathy! What a moving a powerful song.