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Tune in Tuesday--50 Shades Trilogy

No this isn't gonna be real graphic, but there may be a few SHOUTY CAPITALS! ;) Okay so like millions of people in the last year, I have read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Actually I will admit on here, that I have actually reread it, more than once. I have read other blog posts about it, I have watched the you-tube fanmade movie trailers, I am fan of a couple of the pages on facebook. And NO I am not a pervert, well maybe not, LOL.
Do I recommend this trilogy, yes I do. Not for the kinky sex, but the chemistry EL James created between Ana and Christian. While the author will say Christian is a 'fantasy' leading man, there are a lot of things about him that I found to be very believable. Wants what he wants, how and when he wants it, pretty normal. (maybe what he actually wants would make some peoples toes curl, not that, that is always a bad thing either) He works hard, he plays hard. And when he fell in love, he fell lock stock and barrel, throwing out the window all that he knew, for something he wanted more.
Then there's Ana, I almost think that her character is more fantasy than Christian's. How many 22 yr olds, find Mr. Perfect, land the dream job, end up married, pregnant and living their happily ever after within 3 months of graduating college? Oh we all have differing views of perfection, the dream, etc.....
Probably the most unbelievable thing to me in the entire book is the amount of constant drama, I will say at some point, maybe by beginning of the third book, maybe it was sooner, I had the thought NO ONE HAS THIS MUCH DRAMA.
The story is enduring, 'bad boy' with jacked up past, meets, falls in love with virginal innocent young woman. He reforms, they marry, the end......... The dialog in this book was the thing that drew me in. Not to say my husband is 50 Shades of anything and if he was, I wouldn't be posting about it on a blog that MY MOTHER reads. But I have had some of those similar conversations with my significant other. We all have, its the little parts, you are talking and all of the sudden, you say the wrong thing and they react totally the opposite way you expected. The raw emotion of falling in love and breaking down all the barriers with that person you love. And yes the cute little comments back and forth filled with sexual innuendo, we've all flirted with the person we love and the more intimate the relationship, yeap the more graphic the flirting, usually with most people behind closed doors.
I was entertained by Ana's constant 'in her own head' moments where she debates the situation with her subconscious (good angel) and her inner goddess (bad angel) I have no idea how that would be portrayed in the movie, and I don't think it will be part of it, unless its an 'inner voice' other wise the humor within those parts would take away from the real scene.
So if you haven't read 50 Shades, I say read it, yes there are some things that are a bit erotic, suck it up and get over it, there's way worse things, in my opinion. I am looking forward to the movie. I have a million opinions on who  I think should play who. I think that it will likely be unknowns, as this movie has the ability to 'make a star' out of its characters.
Just for fun, here are a few of my picks, although I realize there will never be this many 'bigger names' in the movie. I am torn on Christian. Ryan Gosling, Ian Somerhalder are probably my top two, but I wouldn't be upset with Matt Bomer, and there are several others including Channing Tatum that I have seen in other fan lists, that I would be okay with. Anastasia, I am pretty set on  Alexis Bedel, but again open to other ideas. I kinda like the idea of Kim Cattral as Elena Lincoln, but there are probably 4 or 5 others who seem to fit the part as well. I saw somewhere Mark Harmon as Carrick Grey, like that. Diane Lane as Grace Grey......... I have seen gobs of Jose options, not too picky on that one, same with Kate and Elliot, although someone mentioned Brad Cooper for Elliot, think he's too big of a name to play a supporting role. I can't come up with anyone I think is slimy enough to play Jack Hyde, in other words the picture in my minds eye, I haven't come across yet.
Okay so that's enough about 50 Shades. There are so many opinions about the book(s). I liked them, a lot, think what you will about that, but no judging unless you've read them, maybe more than once, LOL
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